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Saut en Parapente, Lac d'Annecy, Saint Hilaire du Touvet, Haute Savoie

Rendez-Vous in Doussard to Book or Realise your Paragliding Flight

To find My Playground Parapente, nothing could be easier, the meeting point is in Doussard, Route de la Plaine.

Doussard is the landing strip for paragliders and hang gliders. Ideally located in the centre of the campsites at the end of the lake, accessible by the cycle track and also by road (please note that parking is not free from 15 June to 15 September. Payment by mobile phone possible). Snack bar, drinks “Chez JP” near our reception chalet.


An Incredible Paragliding Take-Off Spot : The Col de la Forclaz.

The paragliding take-off runway located at the Col de la Forclaz in Haute Savoie, at an altitude of 1300 metres, south of Lake Annecy, on the heights of Talloires Montmin is the paragliding spot to admire the splendours of the Haute Savoie mountains and the lake and to fly over them. Specially designed for paragliders to take off, this site is one of the most emblematic and splendid places in France to learn how to fly a tandem paraglider.

For more information on our flights we invite you to read this great report on the blog.

Saut en Parapente Doussard haute savoie