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All the Team at My Playground Parapente
are Qualified Instructors

With a combined century of tandem and solo flying experience, our team of seasoned and certified paragliding instructors, all holding their state certification, will make you feel comfortable and reassure even the most timid among you!

Before it became a profession, paragliding has always been our passion and we want to share that with you in the best conditions.
We take care of everything to ensure that you are in complete safety as well as maximum comfort during the flight. Expertise and professionalism.
All our instructors are equipped with a safety parachute and our equipment is checked daily. We monitor the weather to ensure the best conditions for flying.

Stéphan Chetoux,
Shrek, the Flying Ogre: the Boss!

With over 35 years of flying experience in the Annecy region and around the world. Passionate about music, skiing and mountain sports in general, Steph will share all the secrets of the locations and paragliding with you.

Stephane Chetoux

Max Chiron, Renowned Paraglider

A master of aerobatics, with 25 years of flying as well, state-certified instructor (BPJEPS and DEJEPS) since 2011, specialist in learning to fly paragliders.

Former pilot designer at Dudek (seller and designer of wings), trained at the National School of Skiing and Mountaineering… nothing else!

Tristan le Gal, Air Educator

With 30 years of experience, coming from a family of seasoned paragliders, known for her legendary calm and kindness, an educator who has been tested by the air and mountains.

Joseph Paillard, The Flying Artist

Former stage manager, involved in pastoral life, with 25 years of leisure and professional flying, Joseph will introduce you to the theater of this mountain scene.